For Volunteers

A unique opportunity for independent cinema fans !

Become a volunteer for the MovieScreenPro!

Help independent filmmakers find their fans!

We suggest you become a Volunteer in our project! 


Volunteers are included in all project activities:


- Participation in weekly online film festivals of independent films from around the world (communication with participants, watching movies, leaving their opinion about the films viewed, maybe also participating as a festival co-host and other tasks),

- Communication with clubs and cinemas in your city regarding the organization of showing the program of film festivals there,

- Participation in the making of film festivals: searching for independent film content, communication with filmmakers, film lovers, students, fans, pros and others

- Participation in social media discussions regarding the project themes.


You can:

- Attend the project film festivals online via the link we send you

- Communicate with other attendees during the film festival events

- Watch new indie movies and give your review of these movies

- Seek and communicate with the cinemas that are nearby

- Inform film fans about the festivals held 

How much time do you need for this?

You can work from anywhere in the world using the computer and the Internet. 

One visit to the online film festival is 3-4 hours in the evenings by European time online from your computer. Festivals usually take place on Friday and Saturday.

Plus one day is in the city - a meeting in the cinema of your city and negotiation about the project with the management of the cinema and with the spectators who came to the cinema to invite them to our festivals.


How to become a volunteer?

The main thing is to have a desire and readiness to do something good. Check out our website and description of the project If you feel the desire, please, contact us by email: We take care of the rest.

And if you love filmmaking, you will be doubly more interested, since you can watch new films of different genres along with their authors, guests and other pros, you will be also involved in the fascinating world of cinema.


Volunteers will be provided with professional support

We hold supporting webinars in our online Screening Room, which will provide detailed information about project activities.


In addition, volunteers will be given the opportunity to receive confirmation of volunteer work, which will indicate the hours worked and the work is done.


Welcome to the world of cinema!


Always in touch,

Project Coordinator

Oleg Kreinin


Please, contact us
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