Venue Network Partnership

Do you want to get new clients? 

Do you want to become one of the most modern and popular venues in your city?

Do you want to get regular customers?

We invite you to become a partner in the program of our project - MovieScreenPro Venues Network. The partners of the program get an opportunity to screen on their venues a program of the best films of our film festivals, becoming one of the most popular places for fans of fresh and newest independent movies. MovieScreenPro will supply you with the screeners, printing advertising materials (posters, banners, booklets of festivals in electronic form and in the highest quality), promote the information supporting for the film festival in your venue in your city.


MovieScreenPro Venues Network is a rapidly developing direction in media market around the world. This is the fastest way to the viewer of a huge array of high-quality film products, which passed both the viewer filter and painstakingly selected by experts of MovieScreenPro.


You receive:


  • A weekly, fresh, high-quality film festival film package aimed at a broad audience and covering niche segments of various thematic preferences such as action, thrillers, cartoons, horror, dramas, music, documentaries and many others.

  • A set of advertising materials (posters and booklets), promotional support in social media and on the festival site.

  • The possibility of conducting (if you have the technical capability) online discussions with participants and winners of the broadcasting festivals.

  • Exclusive rights to screen those films in your city / or cities where you have relevant venues.

  • News making and bright events generated by MovieScreenPro team and pouring water into the mill of popularity and mass interest in your venue.

  • As a result - a significant increase in the audience of your venue.


Being our partner today, you get the maximum of our preferences, from the starting comfortable price of weekly rights to fixing more favorable terms in the future. 

The fee of the festival package for broadcasting on one festival today is just $ 199 per event.

- more relevant customers

You get:

- the increasing of popularity of your venue

- fresh, modern film selection

- increasing your venue’s incomes 

MovieScreenPro is an international project managing the rights of independent film content generated by regular film festivals held on its online Screening Room and combining on its resources all the variety of independent film themes - from non-mainstream to different niche genre hits.​


Having started our mutually beneficial partnership today you will be involved in the sparkling whirlpool of the most interesting events taking place in the entertainment industry, get a friendly and active target audience and steadily growing profits from the programs that are gaining popularity.

How it works:


Choose the festival (-s) you'd like to show at your venue (-s). 

Pay the fee ($199) for the chosen festival

We send you the following materials for this festival:

- The List and description of all selected films,

- The Program Guide,

- Posters and other images for each film,

- Screeners in the needed format.

You can screen the festival program anytime during the event days. 

We'll include your venue on the festival promotional circuit. 



Contact us to get your ideal partnership way:

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