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MovieScreenPro set the Sales & Distribution option for our submitters. 


Since your film has been submitted to any of our festivals (the full list of festivals), you have the right to request the sales&distribution service on MovieScreenPro. 

We collaborate with sales agents, distributors, TV and stream broadcasters (via their agents or directly). 


Our Sales & Distribution Department (UFM Media) will suggest to you the general terms and try to find out the best way to share your film with the mass. 


Our Sales & Distribution Policy (General Terms):

We take unexclusive rights based on the Commitment Letter signed by the Rightholder and include the film in one of our sales packages. 

For approximately 6 months we're negotiating with the direct buyers regarding films. 

In case of success, we offer the terms to the Rightholder and conclude the final sales agreement according to the received offers.

If our buyers are not interested in this film, we help the Rightholder to upload the film on VOD platforms (such as Amazon, Google Plus and so on).     


UFM Media:

The success story of the founders and main participants of the UFM Media began in 1998. For 20 years, different ways of producing and distributing the film and television projects for local and international markets have been accomplished, both in an independent format and on assignments and in cooperation with major and other companies such as SONY PICTURES CORP, XX century FOX and others.

UFM Media has more than 10 years of efficient experience in deals on European and American Film and TV Markets such as Cannes, Berlin, AFM, and others. Attending and award gaining of the group's projects in Eurasian film festivals, participation as jury members in international film festivals such as the Geneva Film Festival, mentioned by the press (for instance, one of the project co-founder, Sergei Gribkov (, was mentioned by Forbes magazine as top 5 regional filmmakers).

UFM Media was also at the origins of the VOD market, forming technical and repertoire base for telecom companies at the dawn of this business globally.

Actually, this is a real full-fledged experience for further effective work in independent media content sales around the world.

That could be a great opportunity for us to get effective sales of your stunning projects.



How to be distributed with MovieScreenPro?

Your film has to be submitted to at least one of the festivals held on MovieScreenPro platform (the full list of festivals)

Please, fill the form below to request the distribution for your film or just reply on the email you receive from the festival organizers.  


How does it work?

The MovieScreenPro Sales & Distribution Department (UFM Media) determines the best ways your film could be sold and distributed. 

You receive the general terms & conditions for your film distribution with UFM media including a Commitment Letter or/and Sales Agency Agreement. 

After you sign the agreements we start negotiations regarding your film. As soon as we receive the results, you will be notified. 


Can UFM Media buy my film?

Yes. UFM Media can buy your film if it is interested in. This option could be mentioned after an expert evaluation of your project.  


Welcome to the world of cinema!


Always in touch,

Project Coordinator

UFM Media Co-Founder

Sergei Gribkov


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