International Documentary
Film Festival RUSHDOC
the 5th Edition

Welcome to the International Documentary Film Festival RushDoc!

RushDoc International Documentary Film Festival is open for documentaries from all over the World.

Newcomers are welcomed.

Through the festival, we hope to support and promote filmmakers around the World.


We’re sure that all of you would like to share your talents with fans and other market pros.

All fans and pros would like to find out the new stars of the indie movie World.

The main value of the Festival is the opportunity for the filmmaker to instantly get in touch with spectators, colleagues, market professionals, and fans to let the world know about you.

Our festival is a private invitation-only event with online access.

The unique screening format allows you to get the most of the festival features from any place of the World just having internet access.   

What will you receive?

Watching new: Screening independent movies

Earnings: Viewers may donate to filmmakers

Communicating: Direct live online communication with the event attendees.

Instant feedback: reviews, comments, offers, and others. right at the event

Savings: You do not have to travel to attend the Event. Just follow the link we’ll send you to enter the screening room

Security against theft: The broadcast is conducted through Adobe Connect channels, the reliability of which has been verified by many customers, including the US Defense Department.

Meet the newest indie movie and their filmmakers.

Get the awards and certificates from the festival.

The satisfaction of your ambitions: the film needs a spectator, and the creator needs the attention of the audience and the feedback.

The screening format

The Screening Room has up to 1500 online-seats which you can comfortably attend online from all over

the Globe.

Our followers will receive information about the selected films on social media and through websites.

Your film will be included in our catalog on

You will enjoy watching many of independent films.

You can meet and talk to filmmakers., pros, fans, and other attendees directly in the Screening Room.

You can learn from other filmmakers and share your experience.

You will enjoy a unique atmosphere. Friendship and positive feelings only!

To learn more about the MovieScreenPro Screening Room please click here

Submission details:

The festival accepts all kinds of independent films according to the submission categories.

The festival does not give fee waivers.

The festival does not give refunds.

The film submission fee does not guarantee acceptance and no refund will be provided if your film is not selected.

If you wish to be eligible for multiple awards you have to submit to several categories.

All projects must be in English or have English subtitles.

The festival is not responsible for any copyright infringement of your material.

You give the festival permission to publish your images, posters, trailers, and parts of your film (no longer than 1 min) on the Festival’s website and/or social media pages for the promotional proposals.

All projects must have been completed on or after January 01st, 2015.

All projects must have cleared or licensed copyright materials

We are not held responsible for the content of your submissions

Please, read the festival rules carefully

The Categories:

Best Documentary (41min and longer)

Best Short Documentary (40 min and shorter)

Best Mockumentary 

Best Sport Documentary

Best Health / Disability Documentary

Best Social Documentary

Best Family/Children Documentary 

Best War / Military Documentary

Best Human Rights Documentary

Best Art Documentary

Best Music/Dance Documentary

Best Science Documentary

Best Environmental/Ecological/Native Documentary

Best Educational Documentary

The Deadlines:
April 02nd, 2020
May 02nd, 2020
June 02nd, 2020
July 02nd, 2020
August 02nd, 2020
September 02nd, 2020
October 02nd, 2020
November 02nd, 2020
The Notification Date: 
November 17th, 2020
The Event Dates:
November 27th-28th, 2020
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