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The Program Guide 2019

Welcome to the MovieScreenPro Film Festival!
The last deadline: December 15th, 2018
The Notification Date: January 15th, 2019

The MovieScreenPro Film Festival was set to raise awareness and promote independent films all over the globe, to give filmmakers a comfortable accessed venue to have their work showcased to fans and pros in a spirit of friendship, positive feelings, and live dialogue, to help the filmmakers publicize their films selected for the festival, to assert themselves through the festival.


The festival takes place twice a year: in January and in September. 

The event consists of several Screening Days according to the themes.

Each Day dedicates to one theme (the theme may be combined).


The Screening Room has 1500 seats which you can comfortably attend online from all over the globe.

50.000 followers will receive the information about the selected films on social media and through websites.

You will meet and enjoy watching many new independent films.

You can meet and talk to filmmakers., pros, fans, and other attendees directly in the Screening Room.

You can learn from other filmmakers and share your experience.

You will enjoy a unique atmosphere. Friendship and positive feelings only!




The Festival is a private invitation-only event with online access.

Only registered attendees can enter the Screening Room.

The festival official venue is

You can learn more about the Screening Room. 


We invite festival guests. They are distribution companies, TV broadcasting companies, Internet channels, production companies, film festivals, award-winner filmmakers and film lovers.

Make your filmmaker's world with the festival!

We accept films in any languages with English subtitles if the film language is not English.

The Festival does not give any fee waivers.

The Festival does not give any refunds.

If you wish to be eligible for multiple awards you have to submit to several categories.

The Festival is not responsible for any copyright infringement of your material.

You give the Festival the permission to publish your images, posters, trailers, and parts of your film (not longer than 1 min) on the Festival’s website and/or social media pages for the promotional proposals.

All films must be completed after January 01st, 2015

All films must have cleared or licensed copyright materials

We are not held responsible for the content of your submissions



The Category Award, Laurels, and the Certificate. The Festival Jury selects the winners of the festival categories.  

The Audience Award, Laurels, and the Certificate. The film receiving the most votes of the attendees in the screening room gets the Audience Award.

The Fan Award, Laurels, and the Certificate. The film receiving the most votes in social media gets the Fan Award. We accept votes mentioned in the special posts according to the information on the festival website.

The Awards, Laurels, and Certificates may be sent by email.

The Audience Box Cash Transfer: 50% of each bought ticket price will be forwarded to a filmmaker upon the ticket buyer’s vote at the event. The transfer proceeds after the event by PayPal.




So, what can I say? Just only one more thing, is this:

We lived an extraordinary moment last night, it was just a couple of days ago, on September 14th 2017, the Documentary Day in the MovieScreen Film Festival, 2nd Edition 2017. And I would like to say that «I reserve for that night one of the most cute and lighting rooms of the ‘dating house’ in my heart»* *(García Márquez).

It was just a brief time-capsule watching the finalist films in the screening event the Documentary day. And it happened that each of us, writing something, opened a glazed veranda directly to his/her brain, showing the essence of his/her beating heart, pulsating and projecting our minds and thoughts on to an unique view of his own mind for all the others (Directors and beyond, to everyone else).

And so it continued to be built, documentary after documentary. And the idea that captured my imagination and the it took me most far away from everything, above any other idea is this: there is no more mind-able, useful, imaginative and attractive thinking, once is focused on to one of our films, than the mind of another director.

And that's what we did yesterday all of us (the Directors) with each other. It was a formidable film brainstorming. It was a Great and intense deployment of analysis ability, a fabric of spontaneous and inspired Ideas spinning around our films and our minds... In each of our views of the reality surrounding us, directly on to every brain, which is our truly universe within.

There were 'movies with soul', inhabitant-ed with extraordinary people fighting to improve their hazardous life with courage, intrepidity, facing adversity with irony and smiles, with optimistic and persisting spirit against all kind of obstacles. Films that promote dreams and hopes elevating them to the heaven of common people. Movies that were such a candle in the darkness, inspiring and lighting brave and revolutionary women by put it them on the right path, improving their lives all over the world, our home-land. Just an insignificant dust moth, a '«Pale Blue Dot' in the 'Cosmic Arena»' (Carl Sagan).

We saw Films plenty full of sense and sensitivity in its interior and in the way to telling the stories. This generated many brilliant comments and (very) good questions. Things that matter to us, things we learned and we shall preserve in our minds. Things that we learned yesterday during the Documentary Day on the MovieScreen Film Festival 2nd Edition, September 14th, 2017.

Thank you for all.

Alex Muntada

Barcelona, Sunday 17th, September 2017

How it works:
Attendees can enter the Screening Room from all over the Globe using an internet connection and link/login and password they receive after the registration is finished.
The MovieScreenPro Film Festival has several screening Days.
Each Day we show the selected films relevant to the Day's theme. 

A film received the most of the attendees' votes gets an Audience Award of the Day.
The Festival Audience Award goes to a film received the most of the attendees' votes during all Festival Days.    
After the film screenings are over the festival host announces the Jury Categories Awards and other prizes. 
We require an introduction video and a press-kit for each selected film (optional) 

It was a pleasure to share with all of you and to have enjoyed an impressive selection of good short films.

Francisco  Rojas

The Festival has the following Submission Categories:
Best Feature Film (films 51+ minutes, all genres)
Best Short Film (50 minutes and shorter, all genres)
Best Music Video
Best Documentary
Best Animated Film
Best Advertising Video
Best Art/Experimental Film
Best Mini Web Series (25 minutes and shorter)
Best Action Film
Best Comedy Film
Best Drama
Best Children/Kids Film (a film for, about or made by children (not older than 16 y.o.))
Best Horror/Thriller
Best War/Military Film
Best Social/Human Rights Film
Best Health/Medicine/Disability Film
Best Family Film
Best Science/Nature/Environment Film
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film
Best Sport Film
Best Historical/Bio Film
Please note: 
- your film must be produced after January 01, 2015.
- your film must be in English or have English subtitles. 
- the registration for the Festival Event is closed 3 hours before the event starts.
- each attendee can vote for one film a Day. In case of several votes from one attendee, we accept the last one. 
Welcome to the MovieScreenPro Film Festival!
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