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The history of the black market is the history of survival of the population, but also of the repressions of the dictatorship, of favoritism, and of personal resistance. The story that leaves its mark upon a whole generation until the end of their lives. In a central street in Málaga, near the port, there was a bar called “Estraperlo”. An elderly man with an ivory face, about 80 years old, entered him and seated at the table near the door. The old man was telling his observations of that time to his curious interlocutor - the waiter, a handsome mulatto. The short film is based on Desislava Tomova`s story of the same name, ESTRAPERLO (Black market), part of her new book The Paradise of the End.


SCRIPT: Desislava Tomova, PHOTOGRAPHY: Daniel García, ART: Desislava Tomova, EDITING: School Training, SOUND: Juan Antonio Pérez Fernández, ANIMATION: Irene Rodríguez Porras, MUSIC: “Gallo Rojo“ de Rolando Alarcón, CASTING: Salvador Villena Mark Alexander Holness Desislava Tomova, SOUND EDITING: Carmen Montero Serrano, POST PRODUCTION: Carlos Campoy Lorente

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Selected: The Focus Doc Indie Film Festival March 04th-14th, 2021 Estados Unidos, L.A. California JURY AWARD - BEST MINI DOCUMENTARY CYBORG FILM FESTIVAL (Italy) 31/12/2021 - 31/12/2021 Italy 5th Indian World Film Festival-2021 Delhi, India 7.03.2021, Awards: -



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Desislava Tomova

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Showreel: Blog: YouTube: Metropolia100 Skype: euromaxx22 Instagram: desiret324 Desislava Tomova was born in Sofia. She works as a film director & scriptwriter, freelance journalist, writer, art manager and copywriter. She is leaving between Bulgaria and Spain. Since 2012 she is involved in the International Film Festival “Sofia Film Fest.” 2020 December Realized as a producer, scriptwriter, director and actress a short movie Black market in Malaga, Spain 2020 April - present Vlogger - the series - Sellers of hope in partnership with Scriptwriter, cameraman, director, editor & reporter 2015 Crumbs love Documentary, 48` Autor & Script Writer 2013 A heart in a palm - Short movie & Music video clip of Bulgarian group OSTAVA Scriptwriter & Director & Actress 2002 - 2004 Autor and presenter of the art and culture broadcast All in a same breath, Channel 3 Published novel in Bulgaria and Spain The chronograph of Dr. Cohen is a short novel, aiming to show the life of a young Bulgarian lady of Jewish origin. This narration depicts the troubles and the metamorphoses which its main character passes through, to attain a spiritual catharsis. The book is about love in all its appearances. The story mixes visual poetics and cracked humor with a nostalgia for a wounded identity and the experience of unrequited loves, the memories of how they were lived and irretrievably lost... First book: Editorial, Libros de Sefarad, 2017, Madrid, printed Audiobook - AltAutores, 2020, Bilbao My second book with stories, titled The Paradise of the End, was presented in Hotel Molina Lario, Malaga, Spain in October 2020. Many presentations in Bulgaria and Spain.

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