Festival Organizer Partnership

Do you want to organize a film festival but have no time to solve a lot of administrative issues? 

Do you want to create but not manage? 

Do you want to try to become a film festival organizer but have no experience in administrating?

We suggest you become a Festival Organizer Partnership. 


We are ready to solve any of your administrative issues, so you may not spend your time at it but create a great festival! 


We can:

- solve all administrative issues for your festival

- accumulate the submissions for your festival

- provide your event with the online Screening Room

- make the Program Guide, Laurels, Award Signes, Certificates for your festival

- host your festival event 

- distribute your selected films if they match our distribution criteria

- promote your festival and your event on our social media and among our clients.

- offer you all the features the MovieScreenPro has to help you make a great festival!


Please, choose the most comfortable tariff for you

and contact us:

Tariffs include services, and you can order any service in addition if you like



Tariff 1
Tariff 2
Tariff 3
Tariff 4

the fee for a service if you order it in addition






submission fees received

Create a MovieScreen Festival Page


Screening Room for the Event



8 Festival Banners: for website,

for MovieScreen site, for Facebook

(Page, event, post), for Youtube,

for Instagram, for Twitter

Festival Event:

Create festival accounts on submission platforms:

Filmfreeway, FestHome, ClickForFestivals


per platform

if accepted

Submission accumulation



Festival Trailer (up to 1 min)


per one

Festival Program Guide


Award Signs creation (.png), Certificates, Laurels


per event

Award Video


Video converting to the Screening Room Format


per hour

Marketing Services

Banner on MovieScreenPro website, week


a week





Banner on MovieScreenPro social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube), week


a week / a social



Posting information about the selected films on MovieScreenPro social media, post


per post

Other information about the festival on MovieScreenPro social media, post


per post









Create Festival Logo    $60                                                             

Create Festival Style (includes Logo)   $120                       

Create Festival website $250                                             


Festival Event:

Film selection and winners recommendations (Jury member) $50 per festival event

Film reviews from filmmaking pros (producer, award winner filmmaker, distributor etc) $20 per review

Festival Host  ($200-1000)   $200 - $1000 per festival event


Festival Event:

SMM for festival social media $200 a week


Festival Creation


Film distribution:

Festival distribution of a film $150 

Film Distribution (Theatrical release, TV, Internet, other)  45%   (45% to the filmmaker, 10% to the festival, 45% to MovieScreenPro) 

All needed legal documentation   $5000 (estimated)

Poster for distribution $200 per one

Trailer for distribution $250 per one

Press Kit   $250 

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Los Angeles, CA 90067 
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